Digital Design
Brand Identity
June 2018
Visual identity
Packaging design
Main task
Chioture is Сhinese brand of decorative cosmetics. It is distributed mostly in the local market and worldwide through Aliexpress and Taobao Mall.
Our task was to define the identity system and single standard of packaging, due to which brand image could be unified. Also we had to make a brand representation appropriate to its target audience.
There was a research in Stanford. Scientists created a black soft drink and put a black-and-red label with a white text on it. Then they shot an ad, where the drink was being poured into a glass with ice cubes. Nine viewers out of ten were sure to have seen Coca-Cola, although the drink itself had nothing to do with this brand.
The main target audience of brand are young carefree girls that enjoy every day of their life and the beauty of the world.
They are full of vitality and energy so everything that is nice and bright resonate within their hearts. They just begin to use cosmetics for highliting their natural beauty and for giving an essential care to young skin.
Color system of the brand consists of sunrise, blossoming and pastel-sweet shades. It provides a full plunge into the atmosphere of carefree youth.
For new CHIOTURE's image we`ve chosen neutral sans serif font that balances the bright energy of graphics.
Thinking about unifying metaphor for two versions of the logo, we made a semantic translation of the three hieroglyphs from which it consists.
As a result, we selected and emphasized the letter "O", which has a meaning "beautiful", "excellent", "the best" and is written as the word "Yōu" in English transcription.
Develop system of identity has given the brand an understandable and vivd language for visual communication with its target outside the internet
Now receiving a parcel in the post office or seeing a billboard with recognizable graphic image in the city, young users of CHIOTURE cosmetics always understand - the brand is appealing to them!
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