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Bilskiy Community
Educational courses on personal growth and coaching
Kyiv, Ukraine
January 2019
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Bilskiy Community – an educational project that offers training in personal growth and improving the quality of life. Pavel Bilskiy – the founder and face of the brand. He also trains participants of all programs, conducts webinars and consultations.
The visual style of majority of competitors coaches, personality development experts and psychologists varies from post to post. Sites and presentations seem to be frozen in time, and communication only draws attention to the founder of the brand, forgetting about the person who comes to him.
Where did the problem of the mixed design of social networks and sites of similar projects come from? Coaching is a young market that is developing rapidly. There are many one-day projects on it. Their founders come for easy money are not interested in either the quality of services or the appearance of the product, creating stereotypes about the sphere. Experts and professionals of the sphere apply to marketing agencies that make new designs for each product or event separately. Content managers have no guidelines or criteria for content; random pictures from the Internet are used for posts.
We chose another way – creating a single brand for all products of the company. In order to determine the essence of the Bilskiy Community, we searched through dozens of articles and hundreds of posts on Facebook, listened to one Pink Floyd album and watched hours of webinars on personal growth. This helped us to understand how the transformation of the personality on the selfmade course works.
A mentor sees a person's potential and helps them unleash it. The inner energy, which used to be an invisible ray of white light, as passes through a prism, changes its shape and unfolds intro a rainbow of bright colors. Eureka!
In order to create a holistic image in the identity, we use a metaphor. It helps to connect corporate identity with the real world. The result is a clear and easy to visualize image that conveys the character, idea and motive of the brand.
The metaphor of refraction and decomposition of white light on the spectrum became the basis of the corporate identity of Bilskiy Community. We have embodied these images in reality and depicted them in the elements of corporate graphics.
The main element of graphics is an abstract form of rays. Its color depends on the stage of transformation, which is a person undergoing for a certain sphere of life, which he works out.
The presence of metaphors helps us tp develop not only graphics corporate identity, but also to cause the right feeling though other elements of identity. So every detail becomes important, and the design becomes truly meaningful.
Bilskiy Community style is about minimalism, light and a lot of air. White space is a place for development. Bright graphics embodies the emotions of a man who knew himself and lives his to the fullest. The typography of the brand is geometric and clear, like the plan of personality changes.
Full-Size Logotype
The verbal identity of the project has also been updated: the old name has become shorter and easier, the brand has seven new motivating slogans, which were placed on t-shirts, notebooks, stickers, Facebook covers and other carriers. In web design, we used the Human-to-Human model to enhance the effect of dialogue. It is like Pavel Bilskiy personally conducts a person through the
pages of the website, tells the story of his life andinvites you to watch webinars on YouTube channel.
Development of corporate identity and website in complex helped to create a solid image of the brand on all platforms to improve its recognition and to stand out among various designs, identity has become a strategic asset of the brand
We had checked corporate identity for the viability and finalized all the weak spots before we have referred the guideline to the client's team to use.
We have worked all the elements in the agency team through as much as possible, which led to avoiding problems with the implementation of identity in print and digital media.
We have achieved quick memorization and recognition of the new identity through an integrated approach in the design of all communications.
Avoid problems with the embodiment of identity on print and digital media, having worked as much as possible all the elements in the agency team.
Since the implementation of the new identity client's audience and income has grown twice.
League Design team have brilliantly captured our goals and points and put them into holistic identity system.
Pavel Bilskyi,
founder of Bilskiy Community
Kateryna Ishchenko
Elena Nadtochii
Sergey Tomkovich
Brand identity designer
Web design team
Aleksandr Gusakov
Mike Samovarov
Akim Karpach
Art director
Art director
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